January 10, 2022

The most cross-border LED brand, how does Lion City SCT achieve retirement from light bulbs?

Walking into St. Luke’s Nursing Home, the breath of peace and tranquility blows in your face. This nursing home for the elderly on the south bank of Singapore seems to be extraordinarily calm and elegant. Behind this elegance, Smart Control Technology (hereinafter referred to as SCT) joins hands with the global IoT The development platform Tuya Intelligence (NYSE: TUYA) adopts intelligent solutions to protect every moment of St. Luke’s life.

SCT was established in 1997. As a traditional LED brand in Singapore, SCT has gradually shifted its market focus from Singapore to Southeast Asia after witnessing the golden age of the LED market. With their lighting solutions leading the LED lighting industry in the Southeast Asian market, they have attracted a number of organizations including China Changchun Airport and Singapore Housing Development Council to cooperate with their keen insight into market and consumer needs.

However, SCT soon realized that they had to go beyond the lighting realm, to step out of their comfort zone and not stop at LEDs.

The “2020 China LED Chip and Packaging Industry Market Report” released by LEDinside, a research organization under TrendForce, pointed out that, affected by the global economic downturn, the growth rate of the global LED lighting market has slowed down significantly, and the output value of LED packaging used in the lighting field has been affected. .

In 2021, SCT announced the launch of smart business to simplify daily chores and upgrade convenience services with its smart healthcare, smart education and smart parking solutions. With the cooperation with Tuya Smart, this large project was easily completed in just a few months.

Break the routine, right now

Richard Chua, co-founder and director of SCT, said: “We always believe that new and disruptive things will continue to emerge in the LED industry. Although the LED industry is at an unprecedented peak, SCT will continue to strive to climb to the next peak.

Chua mentioned: “Everything has changed since the exhibition in 2017. At the exhibition, large and small factories put on the hats of ‘smart’, ‘interconnected’ and ‘IoT’. From that moment, we know that the era of intelligence has arrived, and this is also an excellent opportunity for us to transform into an IoT supplier. We always believe that the Internet of Everything can bring people a more convenient and comfortable life, which is not only a customer It is the responsibility of the SCT to pursue the aspirations of his heart.”

By the end of 2020, in just 10 months, SCT had sold 15,000 smart products on Singapore-based e-commerce platform Lazada, covering smart light bulbs, socket power plugs, infrared transmitters and motion sensors.

With its smart home business, SCT emerged early in the retail and healthcare markets . Currently, SCT provides smart solutions for more than 70 smart projects, including 10 smart retail stores, 50 smart scenarios, 5 smart offices, 1 smart elderly care center, 1 smart school and 1 smart hospital.


Smart upgrade, hard-won

The smart market is booming. According to Statista, the penetration rate of smart devices in Singapore households is 11.3% in 2021 and is expected to reach 33.9% by 2025, as is the business scenario.

However, no matter how big the market is, some companies may still be confused and unable to find the right entrance.

Equipment maintenance, energy control and efficient operation are the three mountains of the traditional elderly care industry today. And the many requirements, such as 7/24 care, add to the cost and efficiency challenges for the healthcare industry.

Not only transformation, but also expanding boundaries

After the first conversation with Tuya Smart at the exhibition, SCT realized that it is not easy to set foot in a new field unless it has the full help of industry partners.

“It is difficult for beginners to really understand intelligent business,” commented Chua, “From designing a product with connectivity, to creating an application, to understanding cloud services, the barriers to entry are high for beginners, so Failure is inevitable.”

Choosing the right ecological partner is crucial. For SCT, the answer is graffiti intelligence.

SCT can choose from Tuya’s 310,000 Powered by Tuya product SKUs and provide customers with a full set of smart hardware. In addition, SCT users can connect all smart devices with just one App.

“Under the power of Tuya’s mature ecosystem and supply chain, the choice has become so easy and the development has become so fast. Tuya provides a variety of options for a variety of scenarios, whether it is cloud service or App control, everything is available. We What we can offer is beyond our imagination,” Chua said.

St Luke’s Nursing Home is one of SCT’s clients. At night, when the entire courtyard falls into a deep sleep, the cameras, sensors and dimmers will automatically dim to protect the tranquility and safety of the nursing home. During the day, these connected devices can detect or sense unexpected situations in time. Whether someone falls or someone breaks in, they can immediately set off an alarm, prompting staff to take action. And various protocols such as Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Mesh, IR and so on realize the comprehensive protection of 360-degree blind spots from indoors to outdoors, from corridors to rooms.

Tuya Intelligence (NYSE: TUYA) is a global IoT development platform, creating an interconnected development standard, connecting brands, OEM manufacturers, developers, retailers and the intelligent needs of various industries. Based on the global public cloud, the interconnection of smart scenarios and smart devices is realized. It covers hardware development tools, global public cloud, and smart business platform development; it provides comprehensive empowerment from technology to marketing channels, and creates a neutral and open developer ecosystem.

In addition to lighting and sensors, SCT can automatically control energy consumption, maintain equipment and analyze space utilization, eliminating unnecessary costs such as manual running and monitoring.


Star government promotes “smart nation”

Chua mentioned in a recent speech: “We would like to thank Tuya Smart, who helped us transform from a lighting manufacturer to an IoT supplier. It is also because of them that we have been able to gain more in areas that we have never been in before. market share.”

At present, parking lots and other vertical scenarios that have not yet been transformed have attracted the attention of SCT, such as agriculture, retail, real estate, tourism, energy, etc., all of which have excellent growth momentum in the Southeast Asian market.

SCT is the first brand in Singapore to cooperate with Tuya. Under the wave of intelligent transformation, more companies like SCT who are in urgent need of transformation will realize the intelligent upgrade of the industry with the help of Tuya.

Since 2017, the Singapore government has carried out procurement and cooperation of approximately RMB 14 million per year under the “Smart Nation” special plan. Obviously, the Singapore government has accelerated the pace of its transformation to intelligence. Although this is only a small step for the entire “Smart Nation” project, it is a big step for a company like SCT, which is in urgent need of upgrading.

Chua is full of confidence in the vertical fields that have not yet successfully transformed intelligently. As a brand that started with LED lamps, now SCT has successfully stepped into areas they never imagined in the past, such as pension, education, retail, etc. The transformation has not been completed, but they are Take steps to change with confidence.