Smart SaaS

Smart Hospital

A system that enables tracking of patients, including a smartwatch to track their heart rate and blood pressure at all times. Doctors are able to monitor their progress of recovery more efficiently. With the smart medicine holder, patients will get audio reminders to take their medication with ultimate time accuracy, reducing nurses’ workload and increasing productivity.

Smart Elderly Care

Taking care of fragile elderly with the installation of motion sensors that lightens bathroom lights at night. Creating fall detector systems that alarm caregivers in the event of an emergency. Users are also able to view device status and control their personal space without physically straining their bodies to reach traditional switches. Smart devices are able to be personalised according to their preferences and safety concerns such as fall risk, etc. 

Smart Office

Creating an optimal office with presets including meeting mode and “no-one” mode. Office smart lights and the smart curtain is able to prepare the space for the users accordingly. With other smart sensors, the office is also able to switch off all devices when there is no motion detected, hence no more forgetful overnight electricity usage and bills.

Smart Retail

An elite way of retailing is by installing smart lights and curtains. Ensure utmost privacy with the safety settings of the curtain to automatically close when a customer walks in. One-click one and off switches allow opening and closing employees to have a much smoother start/end of the day. Management can also maintain all branches with one app to ensure the productivity of their staff members. Cameras and sensors also assist in ensuring all staff and customers are safe at all times.

Smart Columbarium

Where loved ones are treasured, experience matters the most. With a simple tap of a card to enter the room, many automations are done to create an eco-system that allows a beautiful interaction between us and those who have passed. With led light fixtures and locating systems, it will always be a pleasant interaction. Stay close no matter the distance with smart operating cameras that allow users to pay their respects from anywhere in the world at any time.

Industrial IoT

With rural uncontrollable environments including rising temperatures, humidity and natural disasters, a functioning Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is crucial for long-lasting integration. With our hardware and software combined, we can create a system that enables maintenance without additional labour costs. Water, heat and electricity meters are installed for management to always be updated on the device status. They can check their quality, any issue with cloud and be able to fix it through the app from anywhere.

Smart School

With human detection, lighting automation is done to enable teaching mode. Impressive brightness sensor of outdoor weather radiance to balance indoor smart lights. Saving energy and eco-friendly at the same time. Sensors double-function as security alarms to notify officials when movement is sensed after class hours. With our intelligent teaching bot, students can learn how to do a pairing of IoT products. 

Smart Building Management

With efficient smart building management systems, labour costs can be reduced up to 70%, including safety risks for difficult duties. Management can check device status from anywhere, and make changes if need be. Customers and clients can also submit reports or feedback within the same system. The long process of report-to-wait is longer there. Productivity is increased by 120%.

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